What is Church Like?

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What is Church like at Waverley?

We hold services every Sunday at 11am, and all are welcome to attend. You can sit wherever you would like and wear whatever you find comfortable. A typical service involves a mix of singing, children's story, a message from Pastor Tim, and prayer. If you are able to stay afterwards we have a social time in the Hall downstairs after the service, where you can meet people in the church. Here are some questions and answers to help describe our services.


What time should I arrive?

Our service starts at 11am, so if you arrive a few minutes early, you can grab a warm coffee or hot chocolate as you enter our auditorium, find a seat and be ready for the service. The service typically lasts 70-80min.

What should I wear?

You can wear whatever you like. Most of our regular attenders wear something that is casual and comfortable. 

What is the music like? What if I don't know the songs? Do I have to sing?

Our music is led by Cameron Atkins and our worship band. The group varies from week to week, with vocalists, keyboard, drums, guitar, and sometimes a flute, violin or trumpet. The musical style is mainly contemporary Christian music, with some classic hymns as well. Most of the songs are easy to learn. You are welcome to join in the singing, or just listen and enjoy the music.

What are Pastor Tim's messages like? Will I have to sit through a boring sermon?

Our pastor speaks in a conversational style that many people find engaging and interesting. He explains the Bible in clear language, with stories, humour and illustrations that help keep you listening. Tim also publishes weekly notes that you can follow along with. If you would like to listen to a sample message, you can click here for a recent message from our media page.

Am I expected to give money in the offering?

There is no pressure to give. We are thankful you have chosen to attend a service with us as our guest and do not want you to feel any obligation. Our church is funded by the donations of our regular attenders, and if you start to attend regularly then you can consider joining in the financial support of the church at that time.

I'm not sure what I believe? Will I be pressured to become a Christian?

We encourage people to investigate the claims of Christianity at their own pace. Many of our attenders are strong believers in Jesus, while other attenders are still investigating Him for themselves. We respect that each person is at a different place on their spiritual journey, and we will not put undue pressure on you to make a decision about what you believe.

What is a Baptist? Can I come if I'm not a Baptist?

Baptists emphasize the importance of trusting in Jesus for the forgiveness of sin, and being baptized (immersed in water) as symbol of the inward spiritual transformation that has taken place. Many other churches emphasize these same things, and we often work together with them. We welcome anyone who walks in the door, whether you are a Catholic, Anglican, Pentecostal, United, or some other church, or another religious background, or even if you have no religious affiliation at all. All are welcome to attend!

I have more questions

You can contact us and ask any other questions by clicking here.