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Director of Children's Ministries

Reports to:  Lead Pastor

Status:  Part-Time Salaried (20-25 hrs/week).

The Director of Children's Ministries at Waverley Road Baptist Church will be responsible to lead, oversee, and develop all aspects of ministries related to Children (Newborns to Grade 4), and their Parents and/or Guardians in The Beach neighbourhood of Toronto.  This responsibility will include volunteers, interns, programming, curriculum, and special events and activities, while serving as part of a Church Ministry Team, and must be consistently available on Sunday's.

To enjoy this role, and to thrive as a Ministry Team Member at Waverley, it would help if you:

  • Have a growing, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Committed to holiness and modeling a faith that others can follow
  • Strong biblical, moral integrity and values
  • Have financial integrity
  • Accredited Bible College/Seminary degree preferred (Other qualifications and training will be considered; eg. ECE.)
  • Communicate easily and clearly with people of all ages
  • Enjoy overseeing and managing teams of people
  • Feel comfortable investing in people as they serve in areas of spiritual giftedness and personal experience
  • Enjoy working with Children and those who serve them
  • Are flexible, fun, and friendly
  • View ministry as a calling and a lifestyle, and not as a job
  • Desire to grow in your calling, gifting, skills, abilities, and knowledge
  • Desire a long-term relationship with a community of faith, and within a neighbourhood
  • Minimum 3 years experience leading/overseeing Children and/or Youth Ministry, whether in a church or parachurch environment
  • The willingness and ability to support and promote beliefs, mission, vision, and values of Waverley Road Baptist Church
  • Have the following, or similar, profile S.H.A.P.E.:
    • Spiritual Gifts: pastoral, leadership, administration, teaching
    • Heart/Passion:  discipleship, leadership development
    • Abilities/Skills:  organization, communication, planning
    • Personality:  caring, friendly, accepting, outgoing, confident
    • Experience:  Children’s Ministry, teaching, recruitment, public speaking, coaching


  • Support and champion the overall vision, mission of Waverley Road Baptist Church within the WRBC Community and throughout the community-at-large
  • Actively participate within WRBC Ministry Team, and interact with Board of Deacons and other WRBC Ministry Leaders
  • Seek to develop, coordinate, implement, and direct discipleship ministry ideas and programming that will spiritually benefit our neighbourhood
  • Continue to develop, coordinate, implement, and direct Summer Programming, along with supporting follow-up events and activities throughout the year
  • Oversee staff, interns, and volunteers related to WRBC Family Ministries
  • Provide spiritual care and support for Children, Youth, and their families through encouragement, equipping, and resourcing
  • Prepare and manage respective Ministry Budget
  • Additional pastoral duties as directed

To apply for the Part-Time position of Director of Children's Ministries, please send an e-mail to  Please attach the following:

  1. Resume
  2. References      - minimum of 3 references, indicating:
    1. Relationship to you
    2. First and last name (including any titles)
    3. E-mail address
    4. Telephone number

- Pastoral Reference

- Friend Reference

- Employer Reference

3)   Background/Ministry Questions

- Please describe how you came to know Jesus Christ, and two or three ways that you have experienced spiritual growth in your faith in the last three years.

- What do you see as the role of the parent, the pastor, and the Church Family in the lives of Children and their Parents?

- Please describe your calling to ministry, and how that has been confirmed and affirmed in your life.

4)   Cover Letter

- Please explain why you think this opportunity will be a great fit for both you and for the WRBC Community.


Please note that candidates will be required to provide a current police background check report.


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